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We are a non-profit, non-government organization with 50 volunteers and a small administration team, with an annual operation budget of $250,000 USD.  We take pride in that VISAR will never charge you for our services!   You can be sure your donation goes where it should, to our mission of “Saving Lives at Sea.”

Your donation will ensure that our crew and trainees are up to date with the industry standard in the following areas:

  • Medical and Boat Training
  • Safety and protective gear
  • Medical Equipment
  • Rescue Vessels are always “shout ready”

VISAR is a registered with the BVI Non-Profit Organization Board and we perform an internal audit on a yearly basis.


VISAR’s fundraising events are an integral part of the success of the organizations, as we are tasked each year to raise our operating budget.  We  host the Governors Gourmet Gathering held at the home of the Governor and Swim and SUP the Sound & Family Fun Day held in Virgin Gorda, as well as a handful of smaller fundraisers and community events.

VISAR’s volunteers are the heart and soul of the organization. If you would like to learn more about becoming a crew member or if you have a skill set that would benefit VISAR, please enter your email and we will be in touch.

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