They say, “For everything there is a season.” - VISAR
By exec-visar-admin
Mar 28, 2024

Our rescue boats are certainly an example of this, and as we follow through on our commitment to quality and safety we are getting ready to introduce the new Spirit vessel, to be based in Road Town. Whilst we love our current boat, it is time for an upgrade. The new Spirit is currently being built in Greece as a Rafnar 11M VISAR Edition. Following in the steps of our Virgin Gorda vessel, Gorda Peak, it will boast slight improvements from lessons learned. Of note is the designed hardtop of the vessels which makes them self righting without interaction by crew, making it in the top scale of safest rescue vessels worldwide! But, as we know, quality and safety comes at a price, and we still have a need for support and funding. Every little bit counts. To contribute to this awesome cause check out Support us in our quest to continue saving lives at sea. 24/7 – 365 days a year! 💙

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