Emergency Calls (Shouts) 2021 | VISAR
By Carine Locher
Mar 05, 2021


Saturday, March 27

-Call came into 767 reported seeing something large falling into the water

-Crew launched and did search patterns

-All appropriate agencies were called and after completing search patterns nothing was found. No one has been reported missing.

Length of Shout: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Friday, March 26

-Call came in from 911 of a reported boat sinking off of Peter Island

-Salvage was called in

-Crew were launched as the boat wasn’t carrying any lifejackets and the folks on the vessels didn’t know how to swim properly

-Crew arrived and stayed on the scene till salvage had completed pumping the water out

Length of Shout: 1 hour and 29 minutes

Status of Casualty: Cold with minor injuries and declined medical assistance

Tuesday, March 2

–The call came into 767 regarding a diver that was missing.

-Both Tortola and Virgin Gorda crews were asked to report to base to launch the rescue vessel.

-Tortola crew launched and Virgin Gorda was about to launch when the call came in that the diver had safely surfaced.

-Tortola crew were already on scene when the call came in.

Length of Shout: 27 minutes

Status of Casualty: Found alive and well

Monday, March 1

-The call came into 767 regarding an individual having trouble breathing after snorkeling. Not COVID related.

-The crew was at base for our weekly meeting and the boat was launched.

-Casualty and three crew members returned to base and transferred the casualty to the awaiting ambulance.

Length of Shout: 1 hour 29 minutes

Status of Casualty: Walking Wounded

January and February: Our SAR crews were not launched

*Length of Shout: The shout starts when the crew is notified to report to base and includes the time it takes to launch the rescue vessel with a full crew, travel to/from the scene, time on the scene, and the shout is concluded when the rescue vessel returns back to base. 

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