Mayday Fundraiser Month - VISAR
By Carine Locher
May 01, 2020

Dear VISAR Supporters,

These are challenging times for us all. Life feels uncertain and unrecognizable, but some things remain the same, like VISAR’s crew, who are 24/7!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our volunteers continue to support the BVI communities, by assisting the BVI Government in:

-Transferring potential COVID-19 patients from the sister islands to the hospital; following safety protocols provided by the BVI Government, WHO and the IMRF

-Visiting boats located in The North Sound, Peter and Norman Island informing them how to access food, water, fuel, and medicine

-Helping to assist the RVIPF in coordinating the essential movements of vessels during the new curfew

-Working around the clock to help RiteWay pack 3,500 essential food bags for community members in need during the 24/7 lockdown

With every day that passes, and the borders of the BVI still closed to business and tourist visitors alike, vital revenue streams to fund our operation are ebbing. The coronavirus pandemic means that regular community fundraising cannot take place. Typically, at this time of year, VISAR is busy getting ready to organize the summer fundraisers. This year is different since our fundraising events for the summer of 2020 are all canceled, as we all do our bit by staying home to save lives.

The month of May has been dubbed ‘The annual yellow-themed Mayday Fundraiser Month’ by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), VISAR’s sister SAR organization in the UK. Following RNLI’s lead, VISAR appeals to you to consider donating to our cause. Any amount, big or small, will significantly assist our organization to continue its mission to sustain people in need, be it on the BVI waters or in the BVI community. To donate, please click HERE.

THANK YOU for your loyal support of our mission of Saving Lives at Sea and now Saving Lives by Sea; we couldn’t do it without you!




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