VISAR's Emergency First Response Training - VISAR
By Nick Cunha
Nov 03, 2015

Last week’s Emergency First Response (EFR) training at VISAR Base Station covered primary assessments, cardio pulmonary resuscitation, injury and illness assessments and bandaging and splinting. Trainer Tom Means said “It’s very rewarding teaching EFR to VISAR responders and trainees because they all are so intent on learning. They have that focus because they know it’s not a question of whether they will use the skills – it’s just a question of when.”

Participant Brad Betzner said he gained new respect for being crew at VISAR because “the first responder techniques we master and use are dramatically harder to perform with all the added variables of being on the water.”
One of VISAR’s newest volunteers, Michael Ennis, said “The VISAR EFR training has provided me with a new set of skills as well as a new mindset on how to provide professional and life saving care in an island environment.”

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