VISAR Testimonials - VISAR
By Carine Locher
May 11, 2020


Very helpful and caring. Last night, they rescued my nephew, Alex, a fisherman and his family at sea. God bless all of them for putting their lives at risk to rescue others. – Darlene Penn

To the guys who volunteered their services, thank you so much for coming to the rescue of Dave, after he dislocated his artificial hip.  We so appreciated your thorough assessment of David’s situation and want to thank you wholeheartedly. You’re the best! Thank you!  – Anonymous 

I lost balance and fell into the shower cracking several ribs on the lip of the shower.  Then I tried standing next to the bar in the salon.  As I was standing, I started to get lightheaded. I immediately sat down again.

Our boat was anchored near Bitter End Yacht Club. Your boat showed up in approximately 30-45 minutes.  They carefully loaded my wife and I on the rescue boat and we started toward Tortola.  They put me on oxygen which proved to be a wise idea. As it turned out I had punctured the sac around my left lung and had severe internal bleeding that was impeding my breathing. As a result of the wonderful assistance that I got from your volunteers, I expect to make a full recovery.  For that, I am extremely grateful and write to tell you my gratitude.  Please convey my deep gratitude to your volunteers. They saved my life. – David 



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