Swim and SUP the Sound 2019 Results - VISAR
By Nick Cunha
Aug 01, 2019

Thank you to all who joined us for our annual fundraiser, Swim and SUP the Sound 2019 and Family Fun Day on Sunday, June 2, 2019!

2019 Swim & SUP the Sound Winners

  • 1 Mile Assisted: Kim Takeuchi
  • 1 Mile Swim Female: Natasha Ruscheinski
  • 1 Mile Swim Male: Mark Doig
  • 2 Mile Assisted Swim Female: Hannah Thayer
  • 2 Mile Swim Male: Shane Donovan
  • 2 Mile Swim Female: Cathryn Hempel
  • SUP: Marc Downing
  • Corporate Challenge: Natasha Ruscheinski from Deloitte BVI

Join us in 2020 on Sunday, June 7th

Please note day of sign up fees will be increased to $150!

Race Categories:

  • One Mile Swim
  • One Mile Assisted Swim (mask, fins and snorkel or mermaid costume…feel free to get creative)
  • Two Mile Swim
  • Two Mile Assisted Swim
  • 2.5 Mile Stand Up Paddle-board (SUP)

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