Safety At Sea


In 2016, our coordinators received 204 calls on 767 and our rescue vessels were launched 83 times for either medical assistance or to perform a search for a missing vessel or person(s).  VISAR is celebrating its upcoming 30th Anniversary and we are focusing on educating visitors and residents on preventative measures that can be taken while enjoying the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters of the BVI.

We've created the SAFETY AT SEA campaign to help start conversations between the Captain and crew to discuss what to do should there be an emergency and ways to stay safe.

When out on charter or enjoying a day with friends and family on a boat ask yourself the following questions...

  • If something happened to your captain would you know how to call for help?
  • Do you know your location?
  • Have you checked to see how strong the current is before getting in the water?
  • When's the last time you had a glass of water?
We've also put together a map based on the last two years worth of statistics showing places to keep extra vigilant when visiting.   By using the helpful guidelines provided along with using sound judgement, staying safe in the BVI will be a breeze.