Post Irma Update

November 14, 2017 (Originally posted on our site):

As of today, the community relief fund has raised $36,171.00 in total.  Our goal with this fund is to help the territory get backs on its feet as well as being transparent with the spending of the funds.

Breakdown of donations…

Burial support for victim of Irma: $2,000.00

Jost Van Dyke | Kitchen Supplies: $3,850.00

Tortola | Brandywine Estates Food for Kids Program: $6,000.00

Territory Wide School Supplies: $10,500.00

VISAR Rebuild*: $7,500.00

Slush Fund to be donated in December $6,321.00

Total: $36,171.00

*Donated specifically for this use by donors Brittany and Scott Meyers of Aristocat Charters, from the sale of #bvistrong merchandise at the Annapolis Boat Show

November 7, 2017 (Originally posted on our site):

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Crew Members of Virgin Islands Search and Rescue we are overwhelmed with the support you have all shown us by donating to our community relief fund.

We wanted to provide an update on where your support is going.  The Board has decided to donate up to $26,000 to three organizations to start with as well as a donation to aid in the burial and rebuilding process for a family that lost their love one to Irma.  As the donations keep coming in, at our next board meeting we will reevaluate the relief requests and allot donations appropriately. Once the funds have been spent, we will provide a full breakdown.

The first organization is in partnership with Convoy of Hope, Blue Ocean Caribbean Enterprises, and Jost Van Dyke to stock the new school kitchen with equipment and supplies that will feed the school children. Our Board President, Gerard Kraakman and Board Member, Matthew Holt purchased the list of items supplied by COH from Island Department Store.  The supplies were sent over by barge on Saturday, November 4th in preparation for the first day of school.

The second donation will be made in partnership with the Ministry of Education to purchase school supplies for students and teachers.  Supplies such as pencils, highlighters, calculators etc will be purchased from Island Services.  Should they not have all the necessary items in stock we will look at other stores on island or order them from the States.

The third donation has been made to Brandywine Estate in partnership with Al Broderick’s Lunch Box program which is feeding 150 kids a daily hot meal daily in the East End of Tortola.  Meals consist of 1 juice / water, 1 fruit, 1 hot meal – starch, vegetable and protein served in a biodegradable container. They hope to keep this program running till mid-January and then continue the program on Saturday’s when the children are not in school.

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The BVI is rebuilding but it will take a while till we are back up and running so please if you’re able to keep donating please do!