Business Extra from American Airlines will match your milage

Did you know that you can help support VISAR and the life saving work we do in the BVI when flying with American Airlines?  By adding VISAR's Business Extra number: 793004 to your personal AA Advantage profile, not only will YOU receive your miles but VISAR will also receive points. This helps us to fly search and rescue experts to the BVI, training our crew to keep them up to date with the latest knowledge and skills.

This summer VISAR will be flying in Dave Watt from Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine in Canada. He will certify interested crew members to become Advanced Adventure Medic's. This training is a comprehensive, professional level training program suitable for those who work in a `non-standard` environment such as our crew.

Help us get Dave to the BVI by following these 4 very easy steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on "My Account" and log into your AAdvantage Account
  3. Click on "Reservation Preferences"
  4. Under "Booking Preference" enter VISAR's Business Extra Account number - 793004

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