Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Gerard Kraakman


Cris Ruffell-Smith

Vice President

Melisande Rowe


Hamish Masson


Kate Mullan

Marketing Director

Sergio Dantas

Tortola Crew Representative

Mark Sanders

Tortola Action Representative

Simon Fox

Virgin Gorda Crew Representative

Lars Giersing

Virgin Gorda Action Representative

A nominating committee is appointed each year to choose the Board of Directors. Votes are tallied and announcements made at the annual general meeting. Members are typically chosen based on their ability to offer diversity in the Board to promote creative thinking and innovative resourcing. The responsibilities/roles of the elected Board include, leadership skills, integrity and the competency required to direct and oversee the management in the best interests of the organization, the members and employee.

Members must be willing to attend regular Board of Directors meetings to contribute his/her time and knowledge to the organization and be prepared to exercise his or her duties with skill and care. In addition, each candidate should have an understanding of all governance concepts. The goals of the Board are to maintain the highest standards within the group of volunteers and crew, concentrate on advanced training, community outreach, fundraising and policy development.

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