Boats and Equipment

Spirit of Tortola II, based on Tortola, was purchased and delivered to VISAR in 2007. Gorda Peak IV, based on Virgin Gorda, was purchased and delivered to VISAR in 2012. Both are TP Marine 28ft RIBs, constructed in The Netherlands. The vessels are powered by twin 225hp outboards which have been immersion-proofed, this gives the boat the ability to recover from capsize and continue under its own power. In 2009 Gorda Peak III was decommissioned and shipped to Jamaica Search and Rescue to help them with the start up of their search and rescue organization. Both boats are able to operate in very rough conditions and to provide emergency assistance to those in distress at sea. Each boat carries a full medical kit, an AED (automatic emergency defibrillator), a back-board and straps, two oxygen cylinders, search lights, two spare fuel caddies and life jackets for use by casualties. The boats also carry spare parts and tools in case of breakdown, and are designed to provide protection for the crew in case of an emergency, including capsize lights and a CO2 self-righting bag on the radar arch at the stern. Many of our rescue calls are medical in nature and because of this we carry a great deal of medical equipment with us including blood pressure cuff, CPR mask, stethoscope, pulseoxymeter, glucometer, eye wash, Epi - pens, glucose, ventolin inhaler, SAM splints, vacuum splints, traction splint kit, KED, and Cervical collars. Each week VISAR crew meet at their respective base and go through a boat and medical checklist to ensure all equipment is in good working order and ready to go at a moments notice.